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1.) Do people really make money doing online surveys?

Yes! Over the last several years companies have largely used paid surveys and panels for much of their consumer research. The process has been a great success and now there are over 7 million companies looking for surveyors to find the best way to promote their products and are willing to pay you to give your opinion. <Back To Top> <Join Now>

2.) Can I trust that these companies won't sell or give out my personal information?

Every company that we have a relationship with has a strict privacy policy that they strongly enforce. This means they can not sell or share your email address with any third party. <Back To Top> <Join Now>

3.) How am I paid and how often?

The companies that you do the surveys for pay by check via postal mail. Some companies will allow you to be paid by Paypal online. Most paychecks are sent twice monthly .. some will pay once a month. <Back To Top> <Join Now>

4.) How do I know this is Legit?

A very fair question that deserves a fair answer. The truth is that we have been doing this for several years and the opportunity is getting larger every year. With competition in almost every consumer market at record heights, the opinions of everyday consumers is becoming more and more valuable. Therefore, companies are turning more and more to the power of paid surveys....its a win-win situation. If this was not a legitimate employment offer we would have been out of business long ago.<Back To Top> <Join Now>

5.) Why must I pay to join?

RichOpinions.com charges a one time registration fee in order to "weed" out the serious applicants from those who merely want to go about it half speed. If we allowed access to the surveys for free we would have "curiosity" applicants filling out survey applications that were not really serious about the surveys, and taking up applications intended for serious job applicants.

In the past we offered the program for free and found many surveys were not being completed and this pay could have gone to another, more reliable and serious survey taker. We want to weed out the "just curious" applicants from the "serious and reliable" survey employees.

Since the average survey taker can quite easily make the initial fee back in only about an hour online, we don't really see it as a fee, but rather as a natural screening process to show you are serious about being an online survey taker. <Back To Top> <Join Now>

6.) Is the $39.95 registration fee a one time fee? Are there any other costs after this fee?

The registration fee of $39.95 is a one time only fee . There are absolutely no reoccurring fees . There are NO other fees or anything to sign up for or purchase after registration. <Back To Top> <Join Now>

7.) I want to sign up! Is it safe to give my credit card information online?

YES! In fact it is actually MUCH safer to give your credit card information online than anywhere else. Unlike service industries where you give your credit card to a clerk where a stranger sees your credit card number, authorization number and expiration date, no one at SuperPaidSurveys.com will see your credit card information as it is handled by our award winning payment processor clickbank. <Back To Top> <Join Now>

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